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Monday – Saturday 9.30 AM – 5.30 PM

An Online course is a series of lessons which we get from any web-browser or mobile application with the help of internet, which is also accessible to us anytime and anyplace. It is designed as an online environment for convenient learning asynchronously.

Online courses over the last few years, e-learning has grown to a thriving industry, giving tremendous opportunities to sell knowledge to students and professionals around the world. Students also get the flexibility to get their courses available at their comfort zone and it also observed online courses are also cost effective so this increase the capacity of lower income groups to get up-skill themselves with equivalent value as other are getting.

BPSN Bridge point skills and network is ready to compete with this new era of Technology with the only motive of Educating and Up skilling the youth and creating Entrepreneur by providing vast amount of courses with minimal charges. We are ready with the programs like GST, Personality Development, Soft Skills Programs, Preparation for interview and many more which will lead candidates/students upgrade them as the world is changing towards the dynamic way which requires the ability upgrade yourself as per the requirements.


We can help you to file your own GST (Goods and Services Tax) NO Need to pay anymore for filling your GST.

Marketing & Social Media

Get your business out there, with our help. We’ll build a top notch marketing and social media plan to help get you noticed.

Interview Preparation

Job is ready- Are you ready to grab it, We’ll help to make capable to crack any interview by developing top notch interview capabilities in you.

Website & Online Prescence

You need a kick-a** website and captivating online profiles to catch customers attention. We’ll do it all for you.

Creating Food Entrepreneur

Creating local food entrepreneurs are most important and potential entrepreneurs our country needs and we are providing help to these people a lot.

Personality Development

Enhance you Self confidence which will help you to know yourself better, we’ll bring out a better personality of you.

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