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Monday – Saturday 9.30 AM – 5.30 PM

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is program under PMKVY to make recognized informal individual learning to get equivalent recognition just like formal individual, RPL Halwai & Bakery is approved by FICSI (Food Industry capacity and skill initiative) under PMKVY scheme which provides individual a training to became a Formal worker with certificate to give this training a validation also there is no fees for under RPL scheme for any program along with RPL Training this program also had FoSTaC Training developed by FSSAI for the Food business Operator which provides specialization in handling the food handling with Hygiene.

We at Bridge Point Skills and Network (BPSN) a Training Partner of Government Projects also got this opportunity to work in this project of RPL Halwai & Bakery, working in UP we also decided to bring this project to Kerala and to create more Formal individuals by opting for Craft Baker Job role which also provides FoSTaC Special Training and we completed 1086 numbers in Kerala also along with FoSTaC Training which also plays important role in creating trained Food Handler (Food Safety Supervisor)

Conducting Assessment of candidates for Craft Baker Job Role

Training & Orientation

Distributing Books & Induction Kits to Candidates

Candidates Training of Craft Baker Job Role

Candidates Orientation of Craft Baker Job Role

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